Third set Diario de una cuarentena, por Andrés Edery


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Third set Diario de una cuarentena, por Andrés Edery
Third set Diary of a quarantine, by Andres Edery

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Images 24-40 from Otra vez Andrés | Mira las gráficas que Andrés Edery publica en la revista desde el 2018. Política nacional e internacional, Lima, el deporte, nuestro país: todo resumido en su trazo
Images 24-40 from Again Andres – Look at the graphics Andres Edery has published in the magazine since 2018. Politics, National, International, Lima, Sports, our country: all summarized in his drawings

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Political cartoon

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El Comercio Peru, "Historias,"

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El Comercio Peru

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