Ontario Electronic Road Signs Urging Motorists to Stay Home 1

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Ontario Electronic Road Signs Urging Motorists to Stay Home 1

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Photographs taken along the 401, through the Toronto corridor and into Eastern Ontario. Road signs usually used to indicate road closures and promote road safety are used to promote remaining inside. As this route is also that which is taken by many "snow birds" (people who winter in the south and return to Canada in the summer) as they returned by car, the signs remind them they are obligated to quarantine for 14 days. Other flashed messages on these signs said as much explicitly. These photographs were taken while driving in a moving van after travelling from London in the southwest off the province to Ottawa in the East after collecting my (Hope Gresser's) belongings which had been previously been left behind when returning home from university due to threads and rumours of a full lock-down which would have stranded me there after my lease was up.

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