Hate and Assault Against Asians

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Hate and Assault Against Asians

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This was found on a website called talent, “Hate Crimes and Racist Assaults Against Asians In American Escalates due to Coronavirus”. It introduces the viewers to several events that had happened during the coronavirus and how many asian descents are discriminated for “being the cause of the coronavirus”. During this pandemic I have noticed how so many people are being assaulted from other ignorant people about how they started this virus and that they should be tortured or blamed for the things that has happened. This is important to me because one time when I was in public with my sister to get some groceries, we came with gloves and masks on because we know we have a weak immune system and we also tend to get sick easily so we came protected, but when we went in the meat isle to get steak, a couple was standing there with no gloves on or masks stared at us and walked by saying “Go back to your homeland you chink” while i was speaking in Vietnamese to my mom. I was so angry at that time but I remained calm because we were in public at that time, however it angers me that in events like the one on the website shows how a father and his kids were attacked, in this case stabbed, because they were asians that were seen in public. And it sucks that so many innocent asian people are harmed so much because of others being prejudice based on their ancestry of being an Asian.
This is a screenshot of a website explaining how asians are facing the outside world during the coronavirus outbreak.

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