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online schooling

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A short clip of what I did during quarantine. Essentially, as we were put in quarantine, it didn't affect me much besides the fact that AP testing were still continued which had caused an uproar on all social media platforms. Furthermore, my quarantine life was spent 12 hours a day on some sort of device; whether it be my phone, laptop, or the switch. Everyone expected 2020 to be the year of an adventure of a lifetime, symbolizing growth into adulthood as us juniors looked forward to opportunities and moving forward in life. The reality is far from just not being able to go to school. We can't go anywhere in fear of contamination and while the world feels like it's on pause, it's not. It is sad to think about the what if's and what could've been but this is how it has to be. This experience has truly humbled a lot of people I know to live out their lives as well as teaching us about hardships and having to say goodbye.
#GGHSAPUSH #junioryear #onlineschool

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Tiktok video

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