Orange County

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Orange County

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The pandemic has not hit my area to hard, I have not experienced much difficulty besides with the food that I eat and the access to the gym. When my family goes to the local store for groceries and supplies it is limited in what I can buy but overall, we manage the necessities. My real hardship comes with access to the gym, I truly miss the gym, there were so many weights and machines, it allowed me to...basically edit my body through time and hard work and I thoroughly enjoyed that feeling of process, that I was reaching my goal. Although due to the COVID-19 situation I cannot go to the local gym and therefore must rely on home workouts with a limited variety of weights, this restriction makes it much harder to keep progress up and get the results I am working towards. This situation of constantly being at home makes me want to sit and laze about but as long as one keeps the mind set on progress, even if slower, they can make it. I encourage others to pursue their goals as much as they can, make the best of a bad situation and start an inner journey, pick up hobbies such as painting, gardening, or reading, I know for sure that this time has allowed me to read and really understand literature more. Pick up upon hobbies that don't pose a threat to others and the time will pass and you will gain much from this as I am doing now. This time is difficult yes, but altogether, pales in comparison to others during this time.

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