Living through COVID-19

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Living through COVID-19

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COVID-19 has definitely altered my daily life. I am having a hard time adjusting to online school. I have never been good at managing my time, but now it is crucial that I learn. Now that I am no longer attending school physically, I watch my siblings everyday. As a result, I have fallen behind in several of my classes, including this one. It upsets me that every teacher assigns about 2-3 things everyday. Despite the fact that I do not learn anything from it, I feel extremely overwhelmed- especially with AVID! AVID still expects us to turn in binder checks every week and do tutorials. To me, it seems inconsiderate to ask for so much since we are still trying to adapt to our normal classes let alone our elective. I would appreciate it if they were to start assigning things little by little instead of ambushing us with so much work because COVID-19 has impacted the roles we play in our family. A lot of us have to watch our younger siblings and take care of our homes, which are both time consuming. I do not seek pity I just want to teachers to be more flexible and understanding. I also hate the fact that AP exams were online this year. I hate that a couple of FRQs determined whether or not I would receive college credit. I feel like I did well in APUSH, but I am not as confident with HUG. I would be lucky if I passed. I do not think a couple of FRQs can accurately reflect a years worth of knowledge. APHUG was one of the best and most interesting classes I have taken at GGHS, but I am afraid my FRQs were not enough to even earn me a 3 because I am not stong in writing. I was hoping that I could prove myself through other parts of the test such as MC, but obviously I could not. I also do not think its fair that some students got easier prompts.
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