Pandemic underscores a lack of affordable housing, homeless issues in B.C.

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Pandemic underscores a lack of affordable housing, homeless issues in B.C.

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News article discussing the issues around providing safe and equitable housing the homeless people of BC during the pandemic, from tent cities to block booked hotel rooms and the effect they have had on the homeless population and neighbours.
"The B.C. government’s effort to get people off the street has meant profound changes for hundreds of people, including Mr. LeBlanc. The process has also resulted in anger and dismay from neighbourhood residents wondering whether the solution put together in response to a pandemic has resulted in new problems.

The process has also underscored the dire shortage of affordable housing throughout the province, a problem that existed long before the pandemic and has become more visible as people are being urged to stay home even though some may not have that option."
homelessness, housing crisis

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news article

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The Globe and Mail

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