Supply and Demand: The strange things that now cost a small fortune

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Supply and Demand: The strange things that now cost a small fortune

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With everyone trying to maintain social distancing to prevent the transmission of covid-19 during the heat of summer one thing has become very expensive, swimming pools. While inflatable back yard kiddie pools like the one pictured usually cost about $25 this one, and numerous others that look the same, are going for five times that on Amazon. Getting a pool isn't only extremely expensive in the inflatable variety, the same is true for larger above ground and inground pools. Our neighbor ordered an above ground pool back in late April or early May. The company delayed shipping for weeks and finally canceled the order because they couldn't fill it. At my house we decided to have an inground pool built. Though we started the process in early May the pool isn't scheduled to be finished until early October because the demand for pools to be built is enormous. Our builder told us they usually get about 120 inquires per month and in May they received over 600.
biography, pools, kids, supply and demand, HST580, ASU
HST 580

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