COVID Share Your Story #RITtigers #2, Film and animation Major's Point of view

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COVID Share Your Story #RITtigers #2, Film and animation Major's Point of view

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I am a film and animation major, that said most of my classes are practicality based. Mostly studio time and experience based, it is a huge adjustment for someone who struggles to pay attention to switch to online classes. I don’t have a room at my house so my classes are taken in the dinning room and I sleep in the couch, there are so many distractions and it’s absolutely terrible to try and pay attention. so far not a lot of good has come from this besides the idea that the professors and Dean, have made it 100% obvious that they are trying and that they care. They have made it possible for us to (maybe) do our studio labs next semester, if we do wish to. For the most part we are all on board for such as well, these studio based courses are things we look forward too and this was all just poor timing for everyone. If I could give a message to myself at the start of this semester, what would I say? I would tell myself at the start of the semester not to get my hopes up too high for these studio times, that way I wouldn’t have felt so awful when it was suppose to be cancelled, I also would have told myself to put more faith in the professors who care about us, and know that they had our best interests at heart. They really did fight for us in the CAD meeting and our faculty should know how much the students of SOFA are thankful for that.
[This item was collected by Student Government as a response to their pitch "Share Your Story" sent out on Facebook and other media. Responses were gathered through an inter-campus survey mechanism. 23 responses were gathered.]

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