COVID Share Your Story #RITtigers #1, Film Production Major's Point of view

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COVID Share Your Story #RITtigers #1, Film Production Major's Point of view

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I am jobless, and RIT is doing little to help. Many of my peers are in a similar situation where RIT is not paying them for shifts they were scheduled for (me that’s hockey games) but either got cancelled or suspended because of Cuomo’s order. I am unable to make rent for next month without this pay, and I am incredibly stressed and frustrated. I am disappointed in my college for their decisions on student employment and payroll, and how my requests have been denied without proper explanation. Pay your student workers for the shifts they were scheduled for. If I could give a message to myself at the start of this semester, what would I say? Save, save, save.
[This item was collected by Student Government as a response to their pitch "Share Your Story" sent out on Facebook and other media. Responses were gathered through an inter-campus survey mechanism. 23 responses were gathered.]

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