COVID Share Your Story #RITtigers #5, Engineering Major's Point of view

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COVID Share Your Story #RITtigers #5, Engineering Major's Point of view

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I've been forced into reduced hours for my co-op My father and uncle have lost their jobs. The loss of income and support comes at a critical time as I'm worried how my family will weather this storm. I am moving back into my parents house to help so we can pool our resources. Nevertheless I remain positive and thankful for my blessings. I have more time now, and I am healthy. My family is lucky as we've not been directly touched by the virus. While I know this storm is far from over there is a clearing on the other side, we only have to look for it. If I could give a message to myself at the start of this semester, what would I say? Hold onto the memory of grandma and the serenity prayer. Their going to help you through the coming months. (Also the winning lotto numbers are....;))
[This item was collected by Student Government as a response to their pitch "Share Your Story" sent out on Facebook and other media. Responses were gathered through an inter-campus survey mechanism. 23 responses were gathered.]

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