Life in Quarantine


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Life in Quarantine

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I never expected that this virus would shut down the world. One day I’m sitting in class talking about the first corona case and just a little later I hear that this will be our last in person lab. These quick changes were difficult to adjust to not just for us but for the professors as well that have never done remote learning. A biology class I was doing decent in, completely ruined by this remote learning. In order for the professor to target those who were using help from the internet, they just made the exams much more difficult and shorter than needed. But as I got used to it, I feel as I improved in my other classes. If I can, I would like to retake my biology class when we return to in person classes. This remote learning has helped in some ways too. I never thought I’d have more free time when I didn't have to commute. Being at home I was able to do summer classes while working as well. However, due to the pandemic, what I used to do in my free time couldn't be done because most places in this city are closed. I used to go to the gym regularly, and then I couldn't anymore. So instead, I used my free time to bike with my friends to interesting places usually by the water and just enjoy the views. The city is starting to open up with my restaurants doing outdoor dining instead of indoor which gives us the opportunity to try new flavors and new foods. My experience with this pandemic sounds very pleasant but there are families that are hurt. I am grateful for me and my family’s health. It's tragic to see this virus take so many lives. People in the medical fields are working very hard to treat these cases. I doubt things will ever go back to normal but I hope we all can enjoy the little things in our life and continue living to make ourselves better.
senior undergrad majoring in chemistry

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