The Horrors (and Benefits) of Remote Learning

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The Horrors (and Benefits) of Remote Learning

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When my school shut down in March, I welcomed remote learning. My life had become so busy and stressful and I never got enough sleep. I would be a nice two week break before I went back to school for the last two months of school. I had no idea how wrong I was. Within 4 days, the novelty had worn off. The long hours (5 1/2) on Zoom were horrible. English was the worst. We were reading Shakespeare (in 7th grade!) and it move so slowly. Being the fast reader that I was it was my worst nightmare reading at this slow, slow pace. We had 80 minutes of class. We spent all of those 80 minutes reading and only got through 5 pages. We had a block schedule. Four classes one day and three the next with chapel. For the last three months of seventh grade, I sat at a picnic table in my parent's room. I got one half and my brother got the other. During these three months I was miserable. Three days after the end of school I got a new bed for my room. It was a loft and it had a desk underneath. All summer I would do something educational at this desk for three hours, eat lunch, workout, and go outside to hang out. All that summer, all the kids in the neighborhood wanted to do was Nerf war. I was lucky that the summer before I had received a pink and purple strongarm with pink and white bullets. These six bullets were quickly lost in the grass and replaced with some of my friend's classic orange and blue ones. When summer was over I had to go back to my desk for those 5 1/2 hours a day, except this time I would have homework. The previous year the teacher had done their best to make sure that we didn't have to do work outside of class (my English teacher of course made no effort to do this). Now I was in 8th grade with one of the hardest possible course loads. I was taking Geometry, Conceptual Physics, Spanish 2, and all of the other required classes. I would regularly work for an hour and an half after school before working out. I would do yoga or a random HIIT or strength class I found on Peloton. During all of my breaks I would walk my dog (a yellow lab puppy). In October, we got a Peloton stationary bike and my brother got to go to school to do his Zoom classes (weird, I know). Now I would be home alone from 9am to 11:30am every day. My schedule looked like this.
6:45 - get up and get ready for school
8 - go to my first class
9 - walk my dog and practice piano
9:45 - go to my next 2 classes
12:35 - lunch
1:25 - my last class
4 - workout
I was glad when it was over. Now that I think about it, I didn't actually list any benefits.

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