Consider some of the rules or procedures that you have to follow, and tell your feelings about them.

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Consider some of the rules or procedures that you have to follow, and tell your feelings about them.

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There are so many rules and regulations we have to follow because of the covid 19 outbreak. For example, whenever we are indoors at a restaurant, a grocery store etc. We have to wear a face mask, which are supposedly keeping us from catching the virus. But it who knows if they really are doing anything, sure does not feel like it. In the state of California you can also not eat indoors, all restaurant seating as to be outside, but in LA county they have closed all restaurant seating. All stores currently have a maximum capacity for how many people they are aloud to have in the store at a time. Just for me to get in the store to get groceries or something you have to wait in line! It is really annoying. They have closed hair, and nail salons, so no one can go and get there hair or nails done! Furthermore, to go to certain vacation spots you have to be tested for corona. Like Hawaii, since I am supposed to go for this upcoming ski week, I will have to get a negative covid test before I am aloud on the plain to go to Hawaii. I cannot wait to go back to normal when we do not have all these regulations controlling our lives.

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