Connecting Through Technology and Hobbies

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Connecting Through Technology and Hobbies

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DISCLAIMER: This item may have been submitted in response to a school assignment prompt. See Linked Data.
DISCLAIMER: This item may have been submitted in response to a school assignment. See Linked Data.

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Quarantine might be one of the most bittersweet experiences of my life. I lost many opportunities, friends, and even parts of myself, as losing my ability to socialize really took a toll on me. However, benefits also sprouted from this, as I manage to discover new things about myself, such as hobbies and interests, and was able to grow as a person. Even thought it was sad to drift from many of my friends, I found how who I my real friends were, and who were the ones that I would stay with for a long time. If I was given a choice to go back in time and be able to live my life without COVID, I might not take it, for this pandemic showed me who I really am, whether it's for the better or worst.

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