turn back time


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turn back time

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This is a pdf of my award from the annual piano competition. Usually, I would perform in a concert hall with 3 judges and the other contestants. This year, I had to submit my recordings and compete with over 30 entrees. To me, my piano was not the big grand pianos and my setup was not professional as others. After changing songs a month before the due date, I practiced for hours. You think learning an 8-page song in a month is hard, but actually, it was fun with the pressure on. 3 months after submitting, I finally got the news that I won 3rd place. Despite learning a song in a month, I was able to win and place. From this, I learned that hard work never stops and nothing should discourage you. If I gave up when I found out the category I originally applied for was canceled, I wouldn't have won. This was an important event for me because I didn't think I would get close since I was close on time. If I turned back time, I would have initially picked this set of songs and perfected it, even before the quarantine.

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