Costco Family Pack of Melona

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Costco Family Pack of Melona

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At the beginning of quarantine, my friends would often bike to my house to drop off food. On one hot summer day, I gave my three friends bars of Melona and we ate together on my driveway. During that time, we had virtually no school assignments and had the freedom to do as we pleased. I began drifting from a lot of my friends as the time we used to spend together in class disappeared in an instant. Surprisingly, I made a lot of new friends in this online learning environment. I grew bonds with people I never thought I would talk to before. I strengthened the bonds with friends whom I have already been close with before quarantine. The image of my crooked Melona reminds me of the time when quarantine was just an extended spring break, a break from the stress of school and extracurriculars.

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