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Before the pandemic, my room was very unorganized and had just a bed and a table with a tv on it. Being in my room for months straight without leaving my house and having nothing to do or having anything to occupy my mind was getting to me. I realized that I was probably going to spend more months in my small boring room. I decided to use my money I had to redo my whole room and add some furniture. I built most of my furniture with the help of my dad. I bought a desk, to finally have a place where I could do my work, and a dresser, to replace my old table with my tv on it and put some clothes in it. I did some DIY things like that mirror on my desk as shown in the picture and added plants and other things. Having a better environment to work in and having a goal I could work on improved my attitude toward spending all day in my room. apart from having this project I Facetimed a lot with my friends and played games like Minecraft. Finding little, or big, fun things to do while staying safe could really help you stay sane during these times.

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