The Love Story of Laptop and Me

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The Love Story of Laptop and Me

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Starting from May of 2019, I have been living with my laptop, and I am literal. The screen usages reported by window went up from 4 hours a day to 16 hours. Not only that, chrome crashes at least two times each week because of my gazillion taps. But, beyond the eye strains and frequent crashes, I have to thank COVID-19 for forcing me to use a feature I paid for but have never used on my laptop. The webcam. I still remember the bustling first-day in my bedroom installing zoom while texting my teacher on Instagram to tell her that I was having “technical issues,” looking for the link, and turning on the webcam for the first time. When I saw my face pop up on the rectangular window on the top right corner, something clicked inside me; like a switch, I just knew we were going to do this for the rest of my high school career. Prom will be on zoom, winter concert will be on youtube live, and my distance races will be conducted on my treadmill, all from the comfort of my house. This is my life in the age of CORONA.

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