The Rules of Covid

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The Rules of Covid

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During Covid there are harsh rules that have been set in place. Some of those include staying home, social distancing when you are out in public, shutting down stores, wearing masks, not congregating with friends, and the list continues on and on. I think that these rules are all important, but in some cases don’t need to be followed. For example, small businesses aren’t allowed to be open due to strict closing guidelines. This means that a lot of stores are going out of business, and are losing money, which does not help our economy. I also think that when you are outside, in a large space, you should not have to wear a mask. If you are 6 feet away from others, then you should not be required to wear a facial covering. All in all, these rules have kept a lot of people safe, but I think that if you have the knowledge to make your own decisions regarding these topics, that you should do that and follow your own personal rules, that keep YOU safe.

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