“Treated like a pariah': 11 COVID-19 survivors reveal what they want people to know

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“Treated like a pariah': 11 COVID-19 survivors reveal what they want people to know

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This article presents the sometimes-unspoken stigma that accompanies having Covid-19. It invited survivors to share what they want people to know, because, according to the article, “for many people living through this, sharing their story is the only way they feel validated as they wait for researchers to wade through the unknowns.” The article expresses feelings of isolation from some who are avoided now that they have had Covid. Others share that there is a sense of blame thrust upon them, by those who feel as though they are at fault for getting sick. Still others disclose the subpar treatment by their health providers. Their lessons include: the disease can turn severe quickly, Covid-19 shouldn’t be about politics, don’t let your guard down, warn your friends and family, it is not just the flu, people need to have empathy, the suffering is real, be your own advocate, precautions aren’t foolproof, researchers and doctors are trying their best, and be grateful. Overall, these stories remind us that even when a person survives, they have healing yet to go.

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This is a picture of a back and white drawing which depicts a wide eyed woman wearing a face mask surrounded by words reading: "Black Plague", "COVID-19", and "We Can Survive 2020-21". Kathryn Jue JOTPY Portfolio Linked Data Interactive Resource

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