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Letter to the World

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Dear post-covid world,
I dream for people to take science more seriously.
I dream for school to realize the pain it gives some people.
I dream that the “rulers” of the school have learned that they aren’t better than others.
I dream that the teaching of racism dies.
I dream that women get equal pay.
I dream that people can learn to love mother nature.
I dream that people will smile more.
I dream that adults would stop acting like babies.
I dream that we can trust one another again.
I dream that I can go back to the childhood I used to know.
The childhood that didn’t care about a thing in the world.
The childhood that didn’t have to see and learn the cruelty of the real world.
I dream that at least one person reads my letter.
I dream that all of this will come true.
I know it won’t.
But a kid can only dream.
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