No Coal Mines on Niitsitapi Land

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No Coal Mines on Niitsitapi Land

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This is a YouTube video of a speech given in Calgary Alberta on March 27th, 2021 during a protest against the UCP’s (United Conservative Party) attempt to create coal mines on Niitsitapi land, threatening Indigenous sovereignty and ecological stability. The description is as follows, “A protest rally was held March 27th, 2021, to show support and solidarity with the water protectors who defend Treaty Territories. Titled, No Coal Mines on Niitsitapi Land. It is all our responsibility, Settlers and Indigenous to defend what the nature gives to us. Water creates and sustains life.” This speech in particular resonated with me as it spoke about the reality of living on this land, that we are a treaty person – both First Nations and settlers. We must work together to uphold the treaty (in this particular situation it would be treaty 7), to protect the water and land which came before us and sustained us throughout history. The pandemic has shown that there is a fundamental need for social and environmental change to allow future generations to have access to the water, a basic human right.

We live on this land together, we will fight for this land together and we will build a new future together.

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Voices for Social Justice in North America

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