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My name is Lainey Thatcher and I am 12 years old. I go to Lone Star Middle School and was asked to do this archive. For fun, I like to hang out with my friends, play volleyball and basketball, and go on adventures. I have been to almost to half of the U.S.A. and I am growing up in Idaho.

My 7th grade year is definitely less stressful than the last 3 years. This year is hardly anything like last year, other than having laptops and using Teams, it has been easier and comforting than those other years. My 7th grade year is in person, where I can walk to my classes instead of going into another meeting.

I remember back in 5th grade; we were in the 4th quarter of school. It was a Monday, and everyone was already going crazy about covid. That next day we were supposed to watch a disturbing video about puberty and other things. I went home that Monday, and my mom told my siblings and I that school was officially shut down. We were so happy, screaming around the house, basically having a party. Thinking it would be easier than going to school.

But what we did not know was that we had to start doing things on our own. We had to take quizzes, do a ton of work, and go into meetings. I started to stress, so did my family. There was a lot of yelling.

Anyway, I am happy I am back in school. Yes, I’m tired of getting up early in the morning and sitting at school all day. But I can talk when I need help instead of being muted. I don’t have as many technical problems as much. I can finally relax, hang with friends, do sports, etc.

I have always believed that when everything goes wrong, if you just wait patiently through it, work hard, and just keep going, everything gets better. And it works, at least for me it does. When I split my head open when I was eight, I thought my life was over (I was very dramatic). But I waited patiently, worked through it, and just kept going and I was fine. I plan to also do it through this pandemic.

That was most of my 3 years. Yes, there isn’t a lot. But I had more family problems than school problems. That’s my 3 years for you.

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