Every story matters – Local Professor's Perspective


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Every story matters – Local Professor's Perspective
Paul Uhlig Oral History, 2021/10/21

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I strongly believe that every perspective matters. We as students do not see what professors had to go through. We were aware of the situation, but I believe an interview with a professor from St. Mary’s University could help students to see the magnitude of the pandemic. COVID-19 affected all of us and that is why I think we should see everyone’s perspective and that includes the professor’s perspective. We can see Dr. Uhlig’s point of view with this interview and how the pandemic affected his profession.

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Elisa Aguilera

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Paul Uligh

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Elisa Aguilera: Hello, my name is Elisa Aguilera. I'm a student in St. Mary's University. In my history class we're going to do this archive for #coveryourfangs. This an interview with Dr. Uhlig. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Paul Uhlig: Hi, my name is Paul Uhlig. My area of study is mathematics. I've been teaching mathematics at St. Mary's University for 24 years. I was an undergraduate in St. Mary's in the late 80s. I started St. Mary's in 87. I graduated in 90 got a bachelor's degree in mathematics in my graduate work at Rice University. While I was at St. Mary's the first time, I wanted to be a computer science major, but I got turned to the dark side. So, I switched to math. And then after I got back to St. Mary's, I realized that I still love computer science and I started the computer science degree in the year 2000 and finished it in 2017. It took a long time because I was teaching, raising kids and family. My hometown is Floresville, Texas. It's a small town. It was smaller when I was a kid, but it's grown a little bit out of people moving to San Antonio out to that area. San Antonio was the big town that we would go to do big shopping. Floresville was about 30 miles. There is a sign that says 30 miles from the south side of San Antonio borescope out with this highway 181 which was the old road in Corpus Christi. So, if you wanted to go to the coast, you will take that road down today. Before I was even born though, the highway 37 was built which is the new road. So still a lot of traffic. I still have a mother who lives down there. I grew up on a farm with cows and chickens and getting up early and building fences and on walks to the school bus in the morning of the dark.
Elisa Aguilera: Thank you so much for sharing a little bit about yourself. In this interview, I'm going to ask you more about your perspective as a professor during the pandemic, how did it work, the changes and everything. First, can you tell us how St Mary's tried to accommodate to the situation? How it looked like when the pandemic began?
Paul Uhlig: I'll tell you what I saw and what it felt like. When the reality of the pandemic appeared, there was lots of discussions. Is it coming? How bad is it going to be? What we are going to need to do? And the reality of us really needing to walk down that very first round back in the spring of 2020. It was the year we didn't really had spring break because we realized what was coming. And I remember everyday being in the commons and working with the folks at DPS, Josh Schoenberg and his group. And they were doing everything possible to touch faculty and help them create a vision for how their courses were going to adapt to the

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