Chronicles of the Plague Years


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Chronicles of the Plague Years
Bronx Community College Digital Design Students React to the Pandemic

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[From the Introduction]
For the students, faculty, and staff at Bronx Community College, March 2020 was a sucker punch to the gut.
Our vibrant campus, a beautiful haven filled with vitality and life, became a kind of petri dish—ground zero for the COVID 19 virus to make landfall.
Not only were many students and staff sickened in those early days, but the City University system was forced to close, then transition to remote learning in the space of a single week.
It was a challenge, to say the least: for faculty who needed to quickly learn the tools to make it possible, and even more so for the students, who—cut off from socialization and in person learning—had to adjust to this new reality.
Stranded in their homes, some students were forced to continue working frontline jobs, while others lost jobs and income, facing financial devastation. Students were confronted with their own illness as well as that of family members.
Online learning was fraught in those early days. As a community, we improvised our way forward, without the proper technology and knowhow to do it.
But two years on, our students have proven their resilience. In time, we adapted to remote learning, to new ways of doing things, of coping. 2020 was harder, and in 2021, the challenges continued. But, somehow, we got through.
These student books provide a glimpse into the minds of the talented BCC Digital Design students who persevered, strived, and thrived.

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