Unfortunate Timing

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Unfortunate Timing

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So before this whole global pandemic struck, my friend, I shall refer to him as Johnny. Johnny had a crush on this girl we'll refer to her as Emily, this is all happening during our junior year as of 2020. Anyways so Johnny and Emily worked on a particular project together most if not every school calls it the year book. So Johnny has a dilemma, he wants to ask Emily out, but he wants to keep things "professional" in the work place. And so being the great friend I was, I said to him, "Ask her out, what's the worse that could happen?" For about two weeks he holds off, talks to her, texts her, you know the usual. So the day he was going to ask her out was the day that the schools were shutting down for the pandemic. We were having shawarma, and Johnny was going to ask her out after our group meal. Unfortunately we get this email saying that schools are on lock down along with small businesses and other entertainment/activities. Unfortunately he didn't ever ask her out because of the lock down and barely even messages his crush. Honestly if the virus didn't hit Johnny might now be in a happy relationship, but unfortunately he isn't. I really feel for him, he mustered up all his courage to ask his crush out and the virus was like nope. Poor guy
Some person online who was a victim of unfortunate timing

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