COVID-19 pandemic unmasks anger on Parliament Hill, picnickers elsewhere


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COVID-19 pandemic unmasks anger on Parliament Hill, picnickers elsewhere

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"As Dominion carillonneur Andrea McCrady played her 30-minute afternoon Canada Day concert on the Peace Tower’s 53 bells, pounding out The Log Driver’s Waltz, a megaphoned preacher (of sorts) was standing on the ledge of the Centennial flame urging listeners to 'repent and be converted,' while refusing to budge for tourists hoping for a clear selfie shot ('I was here first,' he rebuffed one visitor in Old Testament style). At the same time, an array of organized speakers addressed the crowd, warning of people like George Soros and 'so-called medical experts.'
"'Our plan,” said one, 'is to infect as many people as we can with the truth.'"
A news article describing events in Ottawa on Canada Day. Usually the streets, and particularly Parliament Hill are packed with thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of revelers as the Capital city is the centrepiece for celebrations across the country. The article discusses people going for walks and picnics but also protesting a variety of issues on The Hill; everything from Black Lives Matter to "5G Kills" or stating that wearing a mask is a violation of rights.

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news article

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Ottawa Citizen

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